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Roka Health & Wellness became one of the largest family practices in San Antonio by offering exceptional personalized care for each and every individual. Patients see our top doctors for everything from optimizing their overall well-being to addressing specific Men’s or Women’s health issues in our San Antonio Med Spa. 

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Health care involves fixing the aches and pains but also means being proactive and addressing potential problems early. We talk and get to know our patients to understand what can be optimized now, and what can benefit them for the future.

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Women's Health

We offer medical, sexual health, and cosmetic therapies for women. Between our highly trained doctor and dedicated med spa, our goal is for women to feel their best inside and out. Treatment is usually non-surgical  with little to no downtime.


Men's Health

Our Men’s clinic offers non-surgical treatment tailored to men seeking professional and discreet treatment by highly trained specialists. From sexual health to hormone optimization, we create an action plan for the individual.

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State of the art equipment and a team of experts allows us to safely rejuvenate a women’s natural beauty without surgery in our Med Spa. We provide a comprehensive protocol and a pathway tailor made to meet your individual needs.

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Treating the San Antonio Community

Dr. Roka and his team have been treating San Antonio families for over 20 years.
In 2021 Dr. Roka expanded his practice and treatment options with the addition of his Medical Spa, called Revify.

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