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Dr. Elizabeth Berrocal

Dr. Elizabeth Berrocal is a psychotherapist specializing in Women’s Mental Health, EMDR and Trauma.  She holds a PhD in Gender and Diversity, and is a published academic author in Latin American Immigrant Women, and Existential Challenges in Motherhood. Elizabeth has given public speaking engagements on the subjects of mental health, and her research on immigrant women, both in Spain and Portugal.  Her educational background includes studying in London, Madrid, and Asturias, Spain.  Her decades abroad in Europe helped cement her love of culture and diversity, all while understanding that it is through intense periods of pain that true personal growth arises.  Elizabeth is a firm believer of the notion that complete mental wellness incorporates both an integrative and holistic approach, emphasizing different modalities, and mind/body connection. She emphasizes this precise integrative approach of overall wellness, including exercise and diet, that helps treat both mind and body. Her specialties also include overcoming Trauma, and the Empowerment of the Self.  Elizabeth is an EMDR therapist, as well as a certified hypnotherapist, and it is through her work with Trauma that she began to identify the power of harnessing pain, and purpose. She feels strongly that finding a purpose and meaning behind our pain leads to personal growth and more in depth self-awareness.

What sets Elizabeth apart from other therapists in her field is her dedication to women’s health and extensive international experience and exposure to many demographics of people after decades of living abroad and extensive travel all over the world. Her in depth understanding of people allows her unique ability to empathize with, and empower, her clientele.    When she is not working, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, exercising, laughing over silly things with close girlfriends, and curling up with a very good book.

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